We know that

your ambition is far more than participating in the business challenges.

When the students finished their business competition, we were delighted to see all kinds of ideas come from their minds: to set up their own business associations in schools, participate in or sponsor student business challenges in the region, and even prepare for their real start-ups in the future. We are deeply touched and also mobilize our own strength to help them. In order to make more students understand and fall in love with business simulations, the FEUTURE regional activities came into being.

The problems you face we all faced,
The opportunities you have we never had.

The opportunities you have we never had.
Student teams often face unimaginable problems in the preparation and implementation of their activities: the ability of the student team is not believed by the school, teenagers cannot be the legal body to negotiate with the hotel and sponsors, students lack experience in preparing and organizing activities, etc...As we also come from students, we know how important it is to get external help at this time. FEUTURE is willing provide proper support for those students who have the organizing ability as well as the ambition to take challenges. We can organize regional activities together. These were unimaginable even five years ago.

Every insistence deserves to be respected,
Every dream should be supported.

In an impetuous society, anyone who can calm down and do something seriously deserves respect. We hope to see a student team like this: put their heart and soul into what they are doing and gain experience and happiness from it. When faced with difficulties, they can face up and actively seek solutions. In the process, FEUTURE spares no effort to support students to realize their dreams.

A professional platform,
A group of sincere friends.

With experience of operating activities of business challenge over the years, FEUTURE provides professional support in academic knowledge and equipment to students when they hold the regional activities. FEUTURE ensure that the conference service proceed in order as a teammate. During the preparations and the process of the activity, we will remind students of their possible mistakes and help them weigh their decisions, according to our professional capability and experience. We will escort our students.

Glorious resume,
We will help you consummate.

With colleges and universities attach more importance to the overall quality of students, the life experience and social practical experience during students’ senior school became more competitive jetton. Comparing with buying certificates or obtaining “recommendation letters” through acquaintance,we hope that students can write their own Personal Statement word by word with honesty. FEUTURE will go through the process personally with you. We are willing to be the witness of outstanding students and recommend them to a superior college.


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The 6th JIANGSU Business Challenge
2019 HUBEI Business Challenge
The 5th Shaanxi Business Challenge