Set Off,

to an extremely new world.



is not willing to communicate with the alumni,develop deeper friendship and share national experience?

is not willing to experience the unique "Super Team" and build a top 500 enterprise leader communication platform?
is not willing to break through the inherent thinking,change your career future and change the life locus?

Who is waiting for each participater to go beyond?

Indeed , there is only yourself.








HK Program

       In order to enable the excellent Chinese students have the chance to study in the World-class famous universities and practice in the top 500 National enterprises,FEUTURE create the "FEUTURE·HK Program" togather with many famous Hong Kong universities. The HK Program was held since the summer vacation in Hong Kong in 2011. Students immersively study business school courses,intership in top enterprises,experience diversified culture and develop international horizons. FEUTURE has hold it successfully HK Pragram for 12 times and thousands of Chinese students have participated in and benefited from it.HK Program contains:business courses taught by the professors from top HK universities, knowledge and experience about international economy,business management and regional marketing from senior executives and industry talents,organize business planning competition and offer intership chances to them. The HK universities will issue an official program certificate for each student and the top 500 economic enterprises will issue a recommendation letter with singnature for every grauated student.Except these, students will also get an international volunteer certificate.
Experience courses from
HK universities
     Different from the other insititutions' "Universities intreduction" and "Campus visit",  part of the coureses are took full charge of the universities in the FEUTURE HK Program. The courses were taught by the in-service professors(not invited the "industry expert" in temporary) or industry senior experts.Students will accept the professional courses in management, leadership, team building, business planning, marketing, ect. for promoding professional knowledge, learn more about business management skills and models, develop the abilities in thinking independently and data anlysing.Also gain the official course certificate from top universities.
Intership in
Top 500 enterprises

       With the guide of the business excultives and tutors, students will quickly become familiar with the financial industry and various financial products, learn about various investment analysis tools and analyze real products in the company database.They will also learn to use analytical tools, master analytical methods, and build solutions by analyzing real customer wealth management. cases.Enhace the students'ability to pracyical problems by simulating real cases.

       In FURTURE HK Program, every six students will form a group and every group will equipped with two professional tutores. Our tutores are all young leaders in the finical industry and well-known in the MDRT and DOT international seats. They will help the training courses throughout the courses. From HK travel guides to professional life planning, the tutores will be guided by th eingenuity. The trainees will experience different work concepts and life values wuth these financial elites and expand the world.

 Dalian Maple Leaf International School
You Xinghuan
When I walk through the crowded streets, where hustle and bustle are the theme of daily life in Hong Kong, I’m glad that I am part of it.
The No.1 Middle School of Luayang
Li Gongru
I couldn’t find a word to describe this experience, but it was just different, it gave me a feeling that I’ve never had before.
Dalian Maple Leaf International School
Chen Xuefei

At the final round of the stimulation competition, we eventually managed handle the sales and promotion of the product. All our blood, sweat and tears and the joy during that week will definitely be a unforgettable memory  of this meaningful holiday.

 Hangzhou Foreign Language School
Li Hao
Throughout the process of the competition, from discussions of the product design to brainstorming sessions for the final proposal and the announcement of the final result, we were together. Although there were conflicts and arguments, nobody has or had been left behind. Everyone was still contributing their best in their participation.

Program Harvest


       You could apply since the application date.
       Our apply acceptence will close until the quota is full.Pleasa submit your application sa soon as possible and leave sufficient time to apply for a HK & Macau passport.
English is only required to be used in class, not after class. Most people in HK could understand Mandarin, so there is nothing to be worry about. In addition, a local guide will be with the team during the whole project so that language barriers could be overcomes.
From past experiences, the situation that candidates cannot understand the class is rare. We do have students who was not fluent in English who find understanding the language hard at the beginning (especially when they meet their tutor for the first time). However, when the project starts, we found out that:
All candidates are working as groups. Therefore, once one of teammates has a problem, others will be happy to help him/ her.
All teachers in HKU or mentors in the organizations can speak Mandarin. If there are any confused situation, explanations in Mandarin would be given if necessary.
For those who are lack of confidence in English language, their practical abilities of practicing English in everyday communications would improve significantly during the 7 days. This is because under high-intensity scenario, team spirit would motivate them to make more efforts and push themselves harder in learning and using English to fit in the team.
The flights directly to HK would be more expensive compared to the flights to Shenzhen.
We also considered the fact that it would be difficult and dangerous for both the students and local guides to find each other when they first arrive HK if they do not have a HK mobile roaming connection.
When vast majority of students choose Shenzhen as their destination, exceptional cases of individual preferring to fly directly to HK would be inconvenient.
        The representitives prepare for 2000 HK dollar will be enough usually.You can exchange currency in the local volume banks (for exc: 四大行,CMB,BOCM and etc.).You can also exchange currency after your arrival in HK if your cash is not enough.We recommed you exchange the HK dollars in the territory because the exchange companies may charge a certain fee as the handling fee.
        Similarly, the FEUTURE·HK Program team will also exchange more HK dollars, so that the students can directly find us in charge when they need it. The exchange rate is calculated according to the exchange rate at that time with no handling fee.But we still recommand the students to exchange the HK dollars in advanced in the territory since the HK dollars we prepared is limited.
        In addition, you'd better not to exchange HK dollars with the cash of thousand dollar denomination(especially issued by the BOC).Since many small businesses are afraid of collect the cash of thousand dollar denomination due to the fear of counterfeit currency.

Set off,

Find a different you.