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The 12th FEUTURE National Business Challenge:2019.07.29-2019.08.01 


What is FIBC?
      FIBC(FEUTURE International Business Challenge) is a real-time business simulation developed from the core ideology of N-person game and dynamic business environment.
      Be different with other forms of business simulation like ERP modeling and case study, this simulation has a principle of non-modeling and semi-open. With the assist of online trading platform and independent business background, participants will roll-play different economic entities during the simulation. These entities include government departments, local manufacturers, international distributors, journalists and financial professionals.
      During the different rounds (known as “fiscal years”) of the simulation, participants needs to do business operations (administrative operations for governors), corporate with other companies as well as compete with others to maximum their benefit in the environment. During the simulation, business bargaining, strategic decision and communication between team members are completed offline and the manufacturing, trading, sales and financing activities will be done on the online trading platform.

Roles in FIBC

Unity of Virtual and Reality
      In amost a week, participants coorporate with compelety strangers and seeking survival and prosperity in a barren world... This seems impossible before FEUTURE bc. With recognition of thousands of students and schools, we provide FEUTURE bc with honor. The complications of real world can all be found in FEUTURE's economic envrionment. FEUTURE observe the real world and imitate it in the virtual world to form a self-consistant envrionment. Great things can be achived here.
High-efficiency Competition Environment
With the experience of eight years and more than a hundred of regional competitions, FIBC Stimulation Framework has become a proactive and experimental platform. Participants play a unique role which serves an irreplaceable function. A simple trading behavior, magnified by the complication of the system,will make an unpredictable impact to the whole game. Besides average business behaviors, abundant non-business-related behaviors can become critical factors that influence participants’ actions. Units within the system would be connected closely together to create an intense competing environment. With this advance, FEUTURE is able to find a balance between online operation and offline mediation, therefore, successfully carries out the duties of educational function in the game.
The power of
Cloud- Computing
FEUTURE Online Trading Platform assures that we can construct a virtual structure of the real business world in a simple way. It serves as not only a comprehensive recorder of participants’ performances but also a guardian who guarantees the completed and fluent timeline. We keep upgrading functions and design of the system to increase the interactivity of decisions during competition. For now, Ali Cloud backups the cloud computing service for FIBC to ensure fluence of transaction and settlement. Providing participants with variegated experience, FEUTURE Online Trading Platform also includes concepts like inventory, international currency exchange, the supply and equilibrium of raw materials, and precise timeline.
line of codes
Average ping
15 ms
Supported devices
Mac OS
A system with enhanced integrality.
Consumers, Governments, Distributors, Manufacturers, and Merchants..regular business units in the real world carries out limited but critical duties for the entire system, and they are linked by the business relations. Participants will face a highly variational environment and complex information and the crucial turning point can appear in any unexpected moment. With the evolution of our system, more means of adjustment and new business models will be introduced. The movement of currencies would not be simply actuated by trades of products; macroscopic policies will has higher chances to overlap with the individual operation.
A precise and prudent marking system
Based on data from the FEUTURE Online Trading Platform and behaviors of the delegates, awards will be assessed by the FEUTURE academic team. In principle, FEUTURE academic team will not intervene the behaviors of the participants during the simulation, however, we are pleased to see the respect to the spirit of the fair trading, creativity and corporate responsibility. The FEUTURE Business Challenge adhere to the mission that creates “A world in which integrity and smartness are valued equally.” We handle every step with care when deciding the awards, and make sure every award is reasonable, which keeps our academic and moral standards always on the top level because we know the efforts and endeavor that contributed by the delegates during the competition.
A valuable certification
Every delegate who participated in the FIBC will receive a certificate of participation issued by FEUTURE team and signed by professors of well-known business schools. Groups and individuals who win the awards during the FIBC will also be granted the relevant honors. Each certificate has a unique code which is recorded in the FEUTURE Business Challenge database of honors. The certificates could help delegates to apply overseas institutions and independent recruitment by proving their achievement in the field of personal career planning, commercial literacy and the awareness of creativity and innovation.
A future greater than competition
By formulating a self-consistent Business world, we pass the joy of economic principle, commercial activity, social structure and game of policy to delegates. It is neither a simple and crude competition, nor a fleeting game. We mix the wonderful fantasy of the world and rational consideration in to the FEUTURE Business challenge, then make it concise, which contains the effort and talent of delegates, by abstracting it. Finally, the ideal world expressed in the mind of each individual.
Hangzhou Foreign Language School
Yu Duo
The humanism is complex. The most interesting story about this competition is about conspiracy, trust, and morality. In the center of this story, I was able to think, negotiate; and think, negotiate.
Tianjin No. 47 High School
Wang Weining
Participating in FIBC really help me to learn about things, like marketing strategy, operating procedure, etc. I started with knowing nothing but ended with fully adapting into the environment. Although our company did not perform well at the end, all of us did work really hard. I believe the key reason we failed is the inapposite marketing strategy, insufficient personal ability, and lacking experience. I hope I can do a better job next time.
Henan Experiment Wenbo School
Zhang Yiru

This is a unknow world with risks. There is no forever advantage or success. How it presents to you depends on every decision you made. The efforts must lead to the result while it might not be the result you expect. All those unknowns need you to experience.

High School Affiliated to Peking University
Zhang Diwei
The spirit of the g ame, of right eousness andwisdom, will inspire me in my life for many years to come.


When students arrive via train,airplane and CRH trains, FEUTURE team will pick them up on time.
We have experienced pick-up bus to ensure safety. Besides, FEUTURE team  will get in touch with students in advance, no matter how late, there will be our staffs waiting at the station.
Similarly, At the last day of the competition, FEUTURE team also Will arrange bus to send delegates to the airport or train station, our staffs will ensure the safety of students before leave.
How much do you care about your child's safety, we care more about it.
Catering services from five-star hotel are available during the competition. FEUTURE team will consistently be committed to providing our delegates with safe and stable environment, we have stringent requirements for food types, tastes and hygiene conditions.
Before the competition, FEUTURE team will provide personal insurance for each delegate, make sure our delegates can get protection from travel to home.
FEUTURE staffs will repeatedly remind delegates to take care of their personal belongings such as money, telephone, personal identification. After each session. FEUTURE team will conduct an inspection of the conference hall. If you lost item, you can ask FEUTURE staffs or conference service for help.
During the competition, general medicine and emergency equipment are stand-by and for free. 
At the same time, when we choose our partnet hotel, the local medical conditions will be evaluated. One emergency happens, delegate will get medical treatment as soon as possible. 
We have complete safety roles during the competition. Perticipants are not permited to leave the hotel.
Satefy roles are conducted by our staffs and CCTVs will be set at the competition area. 
We take efforts to provide a safe competition environment for all participants.
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